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Chimney Sweep and Masonry Repair for St Helen’s Oregon

We at St. Helens Chimney Sweep and Masonry have over 20 years of knowledge cleaning Oregon chimneys. Let us bring our expertise into your home to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
Our specialty services include chimney sweeps, masonry repair and construction, air duct cleaning and chimney cap installation. We are located in St. Helens and service the neighboring cities of Scappoose, Columbia City, Deer Island, Rainier, Clatskanie and Vernonia.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection: The National Fire Protection Agency recommends an annual cleaning for active fireplaces. The tarry mess found inside your firebox and flue is a combustible material that dramatically increases your chances of a chimney fire that can spread to the rest of your home. A foul smell coming from your fireplace is a sign that your fireplace and flue are overdue for a cleaning.

Masonry Construction: We specialize in all masonry services for fireplaces and chimneys whether you need a complete new construction or a simple repair.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Another fire precaution, dirty dryer vents cause up to 15,000 fires a year in the US.

Chimney Caps and Dampers: A chimney cap will limit the moisture that enters the chimney flue. Chimney caps with spark arresters extinguish flying embers that make their way up the flue and can potentially set fire to the roof. Wind-directional chimney caps keep the outside air from entering into the flue pushing smoky air into your living area.

Air Duct Cleaning: Reduce the amount of biological contaminates in your home with a cleaning of your air system. Even minor amounts of mold, mildew, dust mites, or animal dander can cause allergy symptoms for a significant proportion of people. Have the professionals at St. Helen’s of Oregon Air Duct cleaning take care of you today!