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Chimney Sweep and Cleaning for St. Helen’s of Oregon

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Chimney sweep in St. Helens, chimney cleaning and inspection is the most effective thing that you can do to prevent a chimney fire.

Studies reported by The National Fire Protection Agency note that a failure to clean the creosote build-up in your chimney is the primary cause of fires related to heating the home, and is why they recommend a chimney sweep every 12 months to prevent such a fire.

Creosote is a combustible by-product of burning wood. It is created when the gasses condense into a sticky liquid. This sticky liquid then coats the insides of your flue and fireplace and can catch fire if sparks are present. This tarry substance also leads to accelerated corrosion of your masonry.

Our company’s success was built on delivering a quality service. We take our time to do the job right; we know that your safety depends on it. We also take precautions during our cleaning to protect your living space while we are cleaning by using tarps, drop cloths and vacuums.

Chimney Inspections: A major cause of excessive creosote build-up is improper venting. Good venting is created with an optimal flue size. Proper venting creates a hotter fire that burns off volatile gasses sending them up into the flue where they can escape before condensing. A weak, unvented fire keeps the gasses around longer allowing them to cool within the firebox and turning them into creosote which lines the firebox and flue. When the flue is too big for the stove or fireplace then the fire gasses expand too quickly, cool and condense into creosote.

Our technicians examine your fireplace and flue inside and out, looking for sources of deterioration and causes of excess creosote build-up. We will leave you with a written evaluation that will spell out how to optimize the use and longevity of your fireplace unit. When in doubt have your chimney inspection done by St. Helen’s or Oregon.