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Masonry and Fireplace Repair for st Helens, Oregon

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Are licensed masons that specialize in fireplace and chimney construction and repair and are up-to-date with the latest trends and building codes related to our craft in St. Helens Oregon.

Fireplace architecture has been continually optimized over hundreds of years to enhance the quality of fire while reducing the amount of fumes that escape into the home. Fireplace and chimney masonry materials have also changed over time in order to increase their heat threshold and resilience to deterioration.

Tuck-Pointing Masonry Restoration: In the firebox and flue, where temperatures reach extreme highs and acidic residue from creosote is constantly present, mortar and brick deterioration is accelerated. The mortar between the bricks will eventually lose its binding ability until it can literally be brushed away. Our masons can repair this type of deterioration by scraping out the old mortar and applying fresh heat and corrosive-resistant mortar. Tuck-pointing can also be used for the exterior chimney as well, adding decades of life to a deteriorating chimney.

Fireplace and Chimney Construction: Save yourself the worry that the job will be done right by calling on experienced fireplace and chimney masons. We erect new units, partially restore existing ones, replace prefabricated fireboxes; and install flue liners, chimney dampers and chimney caps for the greater St. Helens areas.
Water Protection: Water protection is key to maintaining the integrity of your chimney and fireplace.

  • Crown Construction or Repair – The crown is the cement top for your chimney. It is shaped with a downward slope to direct water away from the chimney opening. It also has an overhang that will keep water from dripping onto the brickwork and the joint below. The crown, like other cement work, can form cracks. If these cracks are left untreated they will eventually turn into larger cracks compromising the water protection and the stability of the chimney.
  • Flashing ­– We use two layers of flashing in opposing directions to fully protect your joints from water penetration. If you notice moisture on the interior wall next to your chimney, then it could mean that your flashing needs repair in St. Helens Oregon .
  • Waterproofing –We use ChimneySaver® water repellent. We coat the exterior masonry with this special formula that not only keeps water from penetrating the bricks, but also allows the moisture from within the chimney to escape.

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