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Dryer Vent Cleaning for St Helen’s Oregon

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A Simple Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Could Save Your Home From Fire in St Helens Oregon

We recommend that you clean your dryer vents once a year. The reduction of airflow from clogged vents increases the temperature in the hoses sometimes igniting the dry, highly combustible lint or animal nests contained within them.

We clean your vents by blowing compressed air through them and by using rotating brushes to dislodge any lint build-up in the crevices of the flexible hoses. You will notice improved drying efficiency as well as money saved in energy costs.

How to reduce clogging in your dryer vents:

  • Clean lint trap after every use.
  • Use a powerful dryer that sufficiently blows the debris through the hose.
  • Use the shortest venting hose possible so that the dryer can blow the debris through the entire hose.
  • Eliminate as many curves in your venting hose as possible.
  • Use sleek rigid metal hoses, free of crevices where lint can build up.

The clothes dryer is a significant threat to your safety if not properly maintained. Remember to schedule your dryer vent cleaning in st Helens Oregon alongside your annual chimney sweep once a year to help your family stay safe .