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Air Duct Cleaning for St Helens, Oregon

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Air Duct Cleaning for the greater St. Helens areas of Oregon?

Could Clean Air Help Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms?
Allergy triggers like dust, mold, mildew, pollen, animal dander, or rodent or insect debris can be found within your air duct system. Having your air system cleaned is one way to ensure that there are no hidden problems within your ducts and that your air is as clean as it can be.
We first inspect your air ducts for any unusual signs of moisture or animal habitation and then use powerful air compressors, rotating brushes and vacuums with HEPA filters to thoroughly clean them.
Other things that you can do to improve your indoor air quality (

  • Change the filters on your air system regularly
  • Test for radon
  • Keep house clean of dust
  • Do not smoke in the house
  • Keep humidity between 30-50%
  • Maintain good ventilation
  • Regularly inspect for leaks with appliances that burn fuel

Breathe better knowing that your air system is clean of common biological contaminates by calling today to schedule your air-duct cleaning at St. Helens Chimney Sweep and Masonry XXX-XXXX.